BCHF News Canyon War of 1858 on Valley Voices

Canyon War of 1858 on Valley Voices

Valley Voices is a radio program that highlights stories of local history from BC’s Fraser Valley.

On September’s edition of Valley Voices: historian Daniel Marshall reveals more about the Canyon War during the 1858 gold rush. Armed US militias went to war with the Fraser Canyon’s indigenous peoples during this chaotic year. Daniel’s new book, CLAIMING THE LAND: British Columbia and the Making of a New El Dorado (Ronsdale) turns many of our romanticized assumptions upside down. Also, historian Warren Sommer discusses Canada’s Hundred Days at the end of the Great War, and what it meant on the home front.

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Valley Voices is heard Wednesday at 11 am on CIVL Radio at the University of the Fraser Valley and is hosted by former CBC broadcaster and BCHF council member Mark Forsythe.

Photo: Daniel Marshall stands beside a statue of Sir James Douglas at the Fort Langley National Historic Site. The governor played a prominent role during the Canyon War of 1858.