Historical Writing Competition

Historical Writing Competition

1991 – Meggs, Geoff

Meggs, G. (1991). Salmon, the decline of the west coast fishery.┬áVancouver, B.C.:┬áDouglas & Mcintyre.  

1990 – Tennant, Paul

Tennant, P. (1990). Aboriginal people and politics: The Indian land question in British Columbia, 1849-1989. Vancouver, B.C.: University of Brititish Columbia Press This book presents the...

1989 – Hayman, John

Hayman, J. (1989). Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition. Vancouver, B.C.: University of British Columbia Press. Robert Brown, a twenty-one-year-old Scotsman, arrived on...

1988 – Waite, Peter B.

Waite, P., Larry MacKenzie and Bridget Moran (1988). Stoney Creek Woman : The story of Mary John. Vancouver, B.C.: Tillacum Library. Biography of Mary John, a Native...

1987 – Bowen, Lynn

Bowen, L. (1987). Three Dollar Dreams. Lantzville, B.C.: Oolichan Books. The book is about the history of coal mining and coal miners on Vancouver Island.

1986 – Lillard, Charles

Lillard, C. (1986). Seven Shillings a year: The history of Vancouver Island. Ganges, BC: Horsdal & Schubart. This groundbreaking work, the first-ever history of Vancouver Island,...

1985 – Norris, John

Norris, J. (1985). Old Silverton 1891ÔÇô1930.┬áSilverton, B.C.: Silverton Historical Society. History of Silverton, British Columbia 1891-1930. Illustrated with photos and maps.

1984 – Gough, Barry M.

Gough, B. (1984). Gunboat frontier: British maritime authority and Northwest Coast Indians, 1846ÔÇô1890.┬áVancouver, B.C.: UBC Press Gunboat Frontier presents a fresh and different interpretation of...

1983 – Sleigh, Daphne

Sleigh, D. (1983). Discovering Deroche: From Nicomen to Lake Errock. Deroche, B.C.: D. Sleigh. History of community of Deroche in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.