Annual Conference COVID-19 message from the British Columbia Historical Federation

COVID-19 message from the British Columbia Historical Federation

In light of the evolving public health situation due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the British Columbia Historical Federation, in consultation with the Surrey Historical Society, has cancelled our June 5—7, 2020 conference in Surrey.  

We are still at work on our historical writing, scholarship, legacy fund, and recognition awards, and award winners will be announced in the upcoming months. We will also be announcing plans for our AGM as we work together to ensure the continuity of the Federation in this difficult time. 

More important than awards or conferences is the health of our members and our responsibility as citizens to care for one another. We know volunteers in historical societies across the province are community leaders, deeply engaged in many activities in their communities.

We urge you to stay informed and lean on the community networks that are a part of your historical society to help ensure community wellness. Check in with each other, pick up the phone to talk, find ways to support elderly colleagues and friends throughout the crisis.  

— BCHF Council