BCHF News Fall issue of British Columbia History coming soon!

Fall issue of British Columbia History coming soon!

The fall issue of British Columbia History magazine will soon be in mailboxes and available digitally online soon.

The next issue’s theme is “Rethinking Recreation” and explores the boundaries between work and play, asking questions such as “How do we spend our leisure time? and “What details of our past do we weave into the things we make?”

  • Articles include:
  • Paul Robeson Honoured
  • Story of a Garden: East Lillooet Memorial Garden
  • Antony Holland: All the world’s a stage
  • Loyalty and Betrayal: The New Canadians
  • Kootenay Hockey Player

Regular columns include:

  • Front Words by Mark Forsythe
  • Explorer in Residence: The Wake of History by Bert ter Hart
  • Sharing Space: Indigeneity; Who decides? by Jenn Ashton
  • Archives and Archivists: Whister Pride and Ski Festival edited by Emily Lonie
  • Refracting History: Time Travel with Historical Fiction by Aimee Greenaway

Members and subscribers will receive their issue in their mailbox or on their digital platform soon. If you would like to purchase a copy directly, you can order the magazine on our online store.