BCHF News Fall issue of British Columbia History coming soon

Fall issue of British Columbia History coming soon

The Fall 2019 issue of British Columbia History features “Japanese Charcoal Making on Salt Spring Island,” by Chuck Tasaka; “The SS Catala, Union Steamship: A Personal Experience,” by Marg Nelson; “Doctor by Chance, Mystic by Choice,” by Jagessar Das in conversation with K. Jane Watt; “Catherine MacPhearson MacDonald Hughes: Kaslo City Councillor,” by Frances Welwood; “The Historical Soda Creek Cemetery,” by Marie Elliott and Lana Fox; “Uplands Park — A Magical Place,” by Barrie Moen.

Readers may also enjoy “Time Travels: Telling Our Stories,” by Mark Forsythe, profiling the Union Bay Historical Society; “Archives & Archivists: Archiving a Trial: Ethically, Responsibly, and Respectfully,” by Caron Rollins, Sarah F. Miller, and Rachel McRory and edited by Sylvia Stopforth; “Stories of Objects: Wesley Ziegler’s Possum Supper,” by Greg Nesteroff; and “BC Bookshelf” and “Past Forward” with Aimee Greenaway.