BCHF News Free speaker series offered in Burnaby

Free speaker series offered in Burnaby

Are you in the Burnaby area this fall? If so, the Burnaby Village Museum, the Burnaby Public Library, and the Burnaby Historical Society have teamed up to offer a free speaker series on a variety of local history topics.

All of the events are FREE but registration is required. Call the library at 604-436-5400 to reserve your place.

Hastings Street History Walk
September 29, 1-2pm

Meet at Carleton Square, corner of Carleton & Hastings
Join Museum Curator Lisa Codd for a tour of Hastings Street from Carleton to Ingleton Avenues. Lisa will share stories about well-known landmarks as well as little known facts about the vibrant commercial area known today as “the Heights.”

Ismaili Centre Architectural Tour
September 29, 11am-12noon
4010 Canada Way, Burnaby

Tour Burnaby’s Ismaili Centre. Completed in 1985, the building is an important example of modern Islamic architecture in North America. The project’s lead architect, Bruno Freschi, designed the building to serve the religious and cultural needs of the Ismaili community while blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment. The tour will be led by Aly Sunderji.

History of the Heights
October 3, 7-8pm
McGill Library, 4595 Albert Street

See photographs, share stories, and learn about the history of “the Heights” in North Burnaby. Museum Curator, Lisa Codd, will talk about the early development of the neighbourhood as well as some of the well-known businesses and landmarks that are still part of the community today.

Political Prisoners & Resisters at Oakalla
October 10 7—8pm
Tommy Douglas Library, 7311 Kingsway

Learn about some of the people who served time in Burnaby’s Oakalla prison for resisting injustice. Speakers share stories about Japanese Canadians who served time for resisting internment during the Second World War, Indigenous prisoners, and the imprisonment and extradition of American Indian Movement activist Leonard Peltier.

Will Archibald, researcher, Burnaby Village Museum.
Peter R. Grant, Grant Huberman Barristers & Solicitors, served as legal counsel for Leonard Peltier
Kamala Todd, filmmaker, community planner and curator, Indigenous City Media

Burquitlam Backyard Gardens & Farms
October 17, 7-8pm
Cameron Library | 9523 Cameron Street

Burquitlam was once home to many large vegetable gardens and small farms. It’s still a great place to grow food on balconies, and in backyards. Learn about the area’s agricultural past, and then find out how to grow food at your own home.

Eric Damer, researcher, Burnaby Village Museum
Jaclyn Kirby, Burnaby Food First

Chinese Canadian Stories
October 24, 7-8pm
Bob Prittie
Metrotown Library, 6100 Willingdon Ave

Find out more about the contributions of Chinese Canadian people to the development of Burnaby. This lively talk will include presentations by long-time community members.