BCHF News Heritage BC recognizes UBC students

Heritage BC recognizes UBC students

Mark Forsythe of the BCHF interviews UBC students involved in the Heritage Partnerships in Community Engaged Learning program. Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si6yBN4Ri7c

The BCHF is proud to announce that the students in our fall partnership with UBC have been awarded a recognition prize in the Education and Awareness category from Heritage BC.

The project, called Heritage Partnerships in Community Engaged Learning, paired 11 third year UBC students with heritage organizations and/or historical research projects to assist community partners during the pandemic, which has greatly impacted the ability of many organizations to conduct their work. We have called them the “Pandemic Cohort” of UBC Sociology 383 Fall 2020. They worked with the BCHF, SASI at UFV, and Heritage Vancouver.

Sociology 383 introduces students to the importance of historical research and the scholarship of Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour. Professor Renisa Mawani noted: “We hoped that that project would give students firsthand knowledge about the partiality of history and the absence of marginal voices. We wanted students to have opportunities to learn about historical and contemporary contributions of Indigenous peoples, Black, and People of Colour to shaping British Columbia.”

This cohort of students was remarkable in their enthusiasm, their willing rise to the challenges of the pandemic, the quality and thoroughness of their work, and the ways their association with community-based organizations was described as a highlight of their university experience thus far. The collective contribution of the “Pandemic Cohort” to the partner organizations was enormous.

The award will be presented virtually at the Heritage BC conference in May 2021.


·       Prof. Renisa Mawani, Department of Sociology University of British Columbia

·       Jeevan Sangha, Community Engagement Facilitator

·       Anupriya Dasgupta, Student

·       Refano Evan Lumempouw, Student

·       Mason McClement, Student

·       Lara Minami, Student

·       Patrick Sales, Student

·       Tanya Wijesuriya, Student

·       Alec Wilson, Student

·       Lorisa Yun, Student

·       Makenna Zimmerman, Student

·       Cherie Tay, Student

·       Jacqueline Seppelt, Student

·       British Columbia Historical Federation

·       BC History magazine

·       South Asian Studies Institute, University of the Fraser Valley

·       Heritage Vancouver