BCHF News Intangible Treasure of the Downtown Eastside

Intangible Treasure of the Downtown Eastside

Intangible Treasures of the Downtown Eastside (Zoom Shadow Two) is a collection of short shadow plays created on the Zoom platform by artists Dallas, Stephen Lytton, Rev. Dr. Victoria Marie, Gunargie O’Sullivan (ga’axstasalas), Priscillia Mays Tait, Savannah Walling and Elwin Xie.

They share intangible personal treasures that give them strength: from their culture and lived experiences to family stories and Chinatown’s Union Laundry. Co-directors Sarah May Redmond and Cathy Stubington worked with collaborating storytellers, along with composer Joelysa Pakanea and Anthony McNab Favel, Nadine Spence, Mike Richter and Fanna Yee who added layers of musical magic, visual design or helped as puppeteers.

Join the artists by watching the recording on YouTube. The production is co-produced by Runaway Moon Theatre (Enderby, BC/Secwépemc homelands) and Vancouver Moving Theatre. Runaway Moon Theatre were inspiring mentors of VMT in the development of the 2003 Downtown Eastside Community Play; and collaborators with VMT on The Minotaur Dreams and TRACKS Symposium.