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For Individuals

If you are an individual with an interest in the history of British Columbia, we invite you to become an Associate Member of the British Columbia Historical Federation (BCHF).

The BCHF provides a collective voice for more than 100 historical societies from all corners of British Columbia, as well as hundreds of private individuals (unaffiliated with any historical society) and other organizations with an interest in or connection to the history of British Columbia. We provide our members with educational resources, networking opportunities and advocacy services.

Membership Benefits

 Terms and Fees

  • Annual membership fee: $35 per year.
  • Membership term: One year, starting and ending on the date your membership is initially activated.
  • You must support objectives consistent with those of the BCHF. Read our Constitution and Bylaws and our Values Statement.

 Join or Renew

You may join or renew online or by mail: