BCHF News Spring issue of British Columbia History marks BCHF centennial

Spring issue of British Columbia History marks BCHF centennial

The spring issue of British Columbia History magazine marks the start of the BCHF’s centennial year. The lineup of stories this time is as follows:
• “Without a Trace: A small but important piano,” by Michael Abe
• “The White Elephant in the Room: Anti-Asian racism in Canada,” by Henry Yu
• “Grouse Nest: The most mysterious house in Sooke,” by Paul G. Chamberlain
• “Unearthing Prince George’s History,” by Alyssa Leier
• “Being an Activist Historian,” by Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra (you can read an abbreviated version of this story online for free).
• “The Return of Sumas Lake,” by Chad Reimer
• “The Art of the Spy: Henry James Warre,” by Ed Mannings
• “‘Some Loving Words’ from an Arrow Lakes Pioneer to his Fiancee in 1921,” by Paula Pope
• “On Hallowed Ground: The crash of Flight QCA102,” by Darrell Ohs

Plus writer-in-residence Jenn Ashton shares an excerpt from her book, Time Travels columnist Mark Forsythe looks at the Okanagan Historical Society’s long tradition of annual reports, Emily Lonie rounds up favourite photos from ten BC archivists, Aimee Greenaway presents a roundup of impactful books, and we introduce our new explorer in residence, Bert ter Hart, who has set an amazing goal for himself.

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