BCHF News State of heritage report released

State of heritage report released

Heritage BC has produced a report summarizing the input collected from its provincial roundtable discussions which makes 12 broad recommendations:

  1. Development and communication of a provincial definition of heritage that will unify the sector and better align programs and services with the sector’s work
  2. Acknowledgement of past wrongs and the development of bridges that lead to positive, mutually-beneficial relationships with Indigenous peoples
  3. Development of strategies supporting inclusivity and diversity of the sector
  4. Development of strategies promoting awareness of environmental impacts of and to the sector
  5. Development of strategies to provide leadership for capacity building to move the sector beyond crisis management, to enhance its stability and growth, and to improve the conservation of heritage assets of many descriptions
  6. Revision of the Heritage Conservation Act to reflect the current understanding and practice of heritage as it is articulated in international standards such as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
  7. Development of a toolkit to improve the adoption and successful implementation of the Local Government Act (Section 15)
  8. Revision of the Local Government Act (Section 15) to fully align it with current priorities and values of local governments and the sector
  9. Improvement of funding opportunities specifically aligned with the sector
  10. Support for the sector in describing its economic impact and relevance
  11. Support for the sector in developing and delivering content to BC’s education system
  12. Support the sector in creating catalyzing moments that mark change and create momentum

You can download the whole report here: https://heritagebc.ca/resources/state-of-heritage-provincial-roundtables/