Advocacy Step Up For History Campaign: Tell Us What’s Up

Step Up For History Campaign: Tell Us What’s Up

Demolition of heritage buildings. Poor funding for local museums. Councils not living up to their own heritage bylaws. It’s time to Step Up For History in B.C. The 2018 municipal election campaign is an excellent opportunity to raise such issues with local candidates. The BC Historical Federation has created a special Step Up For History campaign to help get voters and local politicians talking about history.

You’ll find more details, suggestions and a tool kit here

Our local governments have the most direct impact on many of these issues. It’s important to be specific when quizzing candidates, which helps make them more accountable. Whether it’s revitalization of your downtown, saving heritage trees or preserving an historic trail, BCHF also wants to hear what’s on your historical radar. Tell us what’s up where you live; send examples to:  We’ll share these on our BCHF web page.

And what else are you doing to raise the profile of history during the fall election campaign? Hosting an all candidates forum? Writing letters to your local newspaper?  We’ll share ideas and strategies with fellow BCHF members as we head for Election Day on October 20th.