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Study Guide — Balancing History: Warp Weft Weave: Joining Generations

Concepts: Historical Perspectives, Continuity and Change, Cause and Consequence
Prepared for: Grade(s) 8 through 12
Province: BC
Time Period(s): 1800–present day
Time allotment: 2 classes (50 minute classes)
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The focus of the study guide is intended to encourage students to dig deeper into history to find a voice that was quieted or unheard. The guide will deepen understanding and knowledge of colonial histories and the current realities of Indigenous People, as well as, an understanding of social injustices and discriminatory policies in Canada (including Residential Schools, the head tax, the legal system, disenfranchisement, and internments).

This study guide has been prepared to accompany the British Columbia History magazine article “Warp Weft Weave: Joining Generations” (Vol 53, Issue 3, Fall 2020) by Jenn Ashton.

The questions and activities will ask students to dive deeper into the topics of Reconciliation and Indigenous history.