BCHF News The BCHF view on the closure of Point Ellice House

The BCHF view on the closure of Point Ellice House

Point Ellice House seen in a painting by Edward Goodall. (Image msc130-12698_01 courtesy of the British Columbia Postcards Collection, a digital initiative of Simon Fraser University Library)

The Directors of the BC Historical Federation are sad to hear that Point Ellice House in Victoria is closing. Our hearts go out to the staff and volunteers of the Vancouver Island Local History Society, a member of the BCHF.  We know they have worked hard through difficult times to find new ways to share stories that challenge and inspire us. 

Our members are wearing down. Museums, archives, and cultural institutions across British Columbia continue to be affected by financial and capacity shortfalls stemming from the pandemic and chronic underfunding in the sector. In addition, high costs are stretching budgets precariously thin for many of our member organizations.  

We urge governments at all levels – local, provincial, and federal – to support organizations operating cultural and historical institutions to provide sustainable funding for all aspects of operations, from staff wages, to repair and maintenance costs, to supplies for school programming.   

The BCHF will continue its advocacy to support the work of our members. Generous support of the dedicated people who continue to collaborate, research, and share the stories of this place is essential to the well-being of communities.