BCHF News Visit the database of BC Visual Artists

Visit the database of BC Visual Artists

Gary Sim recently posted his database of BC visual artists on his website for free access and research: www.sim-publishing.com/pub-bca.htm

Sim writes: “The bulk of the project is about the early art and artists of British Columbia, in particular 1890 to 1950, but the project includes hundreds of contemporary artists as well. The A to Z index now includes over 19,000 artists, there are more than 3,000 web pages that include 1,600 artist biographies, 185 transcribed exhibition catalogues listing over 13,000 artworks, a list of 860 artist monographs, 280 artist groups, 680 images, occasional papers, etc.”

The project received a BC Historical Federation Certificate of Merit in 2013. Since then a massive of amount of information has been added.